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Серверные файлы Arma 3 DayZ Epoch 1.3.2 build(1530)

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Описание файла

Серверные файлы подходят для Arma 3 версии v1.88 и выше

Изменения в версии 1.3.2 build(1530)   Просмотреть список изменений



## [] - 2019-11-02
### Added
- Non Lethal Weapons
   - Make opponents unconscious with special weapons
   - Unconscious players can be woken up
      - by a MultiGun with Heal Player attachment
      - after a random timer (60-180 seconds)
- Paint Garages (with optional map markers) around the map for painting Vehicles
   - Park your Vehicle in / on the Garage and hold Space (DynaMenu) on the Terminal
   - Costs: 500 Krypto (Configurable by Admins)
   - EpochMod - Epoch Paint Garage - Plays.tv
- Player / Server Statistics (within the E-Pad)
   - Times connected / Playtime (hours) / Max Alivetime (hours) / Distance Walked (Km)
   - Objects Looted / Trades at Trader / Placed Buildings / Crafted Items
   - Karma / Player Revived / Tradermissions
   - Player Kills / AI Kills / Antagonist Kills / Zombie Kills
   - Deaths by Player / Deaths by AI / Suicides
   - K/D PvP / K/D PvE
   - EpochMod - Epoch Statistics - Plays.tv
- Hint in Inventory for Heal / Revive / Repair to be used as MultiGun Attachment 
- Item description to Trader items
   - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/622554669830373399/unknown.png
- UAV Backpacks - Assemble and then use via DynaMenu (SpaceMenu)
- Animated Heli Crash (with scattered loot)
   - EpochMod - EpochMod Animated HeliCrash - Plays.tv
- Some Chinese translations (thx to @CHL198011)

### Fixed
- Players could instant get killed on contact with new placed BaseBuilding Parts
- Players Glasses (Goggles) were not correctly added on login / revive
- Some Building Parts where falling down on build (also when snapped correctly)
- Texture for Solar Generator / Charger was broken

### Changed
- Weapon attachments are no longer dismounted within containers on restarts
- Clothings (BackPacks / Vests / Uniforms) in storages will no longer get unpacked on restarts
- Vehicle / Storage Lock
   - Colorized Vehicle / Storage Lock messages
   - Hint how long your Vehicle will stay locked on lock
   - Vehicles locked inside your own PlotPole-Range have now a longer Locktime
      - Inside your PlotPole-Range: 3 days
      - Outside your PlotPole-Range: 30 minutes
   - EpochMod - Epoch Vehicle Lock Messages - Plays.tv
- Increased UAV sounds
- Changed Taru / Huron / Mohawk Door Sounds (more decent sound)
- changed unarmed jump animation
- UAV-Support (AI's) will now spawn a bit more away from your Position
- Changed / Fixed some Epoch asset models
- Reduced Rain by default
- Hunger / Thirst / Alcohol loss no longer depends on time multiplier by default
- Reworked Looting function (Epoch furnitures + additional ground Loot)

### Server Owners
- Added an option to force the Gender for Players on Spawn / Respawn with "ForceGender" in cfgEpochClient.hpp
- Added the FastNights Epoch Event by default to epochconfig.hpp
- Added Compatibility to Lythium and Livonia Map
- Added a MultiMap compatibility
   - Make it possible to run also not official supported maps
   - Use the mission.sqm within the epoch._ChangeMe folder
   - Spawn (Debug-Box) is set to [0,0] and spawn positions are random created on restarts
- Custom Textures (e.g. from Paintshop) can now be saved to the Database
   - set "UseCustomTextures" in epochconfig.hpp to "true"
   - force saving Vehicles after painting by:
      - Client side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_interact;
      - Server side Scripts: _vehicle call EPOCH_server_save_vehicle;
- To adjust the new BaseLock-Time, use "vehicleLockTimeHome" in epochconfig.hpp
- Configs for the Painting Garage (available colors / Costs) can be found in CfgPainting.hpp
- SetUnitLoadout has been replaced by an Epoch function.
   - To simply strip and reload Inventory, use "call EPOCH_ReloadLoadout";
- Player Login Mass-Check
   - Another fix to prevent login issues
   - If you still have issues, make sure these positions are very close in your mission.sqm:
      - respawn_east
      - respawn_west
      - all VirtualMan_EPOCH Entities
- Players playtimes are now shown in the Playerlist in Adminmenu
   - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/474595539107971072/613059969943601208/unknown.png
- Added a function to jump up for Admins in Adminmenu
- Admin Teleport on mapclick now use ALT instead of CTRL (prevent creating Linemarkers)
- Added an option "EnablePhysicsOnBuild" to cfgEpochClient.hpp to disable physics while Building
- Changed syntax in cfgServicePoints to allow inherits from other Vehicle Classes
   - Some more infos can be found here: Repair & Rearming script - Page 7 - Scripts - Epoch Mod Community
- Added a config for the already available FastNight Event to epochconfig.hpp
- New Weapons + Mags:
   - pvcrifle_01_F
      - NL_pvc_bb_mag -> Knockout
   - nl_Shotgun
      - NL_shot_bb_mag -> Knockout
   - nl_auto_xbow
      - xbow_mag_bolt -> Kill
      - xbow_mag_tranq -> Knockout
      - xbow_mag_exp -> small explosion -> Kill
   - hgun_Pistol_tranq_01
      - tranq_dart_mag -> Knockout
- If you run Infistar lower then v260 (not published for now), you have to change this inside your Infistar files!
    - A3AH:
        - 1
            - Search for: "_addCaseHDMG = 0;"
            - add a new line behind it with: "_addCaseHDMG = player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];"
        - 2
            - Search for: "if(_addCaseHDMG == _roundRandomNumberHDMG)then"
            - change it to: "if(_addCaseHDMG == (_roundRandomNumberHDMG+1))then"

        - 3
            - Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',''];"
            - change it to: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];"
    - A3AT:
        - 1
            - Search for: "player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];"
            - replace it with: "if (infiSTAR_MOD == 'Epoch') then {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',(['CfgEpochClient', 'HandleDamage', ''] call EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntryV2)];}else {player addEventHandler ['HandleDamage',{}];};"


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